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The Plunge

posted 7 Nov 2015, 08:40 by Lakhotia Suyash   [ updated 7 Nov 2015, 08:43 ]
Over the past couple meetings, we have been planning out our timeline for the following months of November, December & January as well as considering whether to go forward with the YSE Programme.

As a team, we've decided to apply for the YSE Programme, not for the grant, but the fringe benefits that we will get if we get in, which includes world-class mentoring, international exposure as well as infinitely useful networking opportunities. However, due to the fact that YSE only allows teams of a maximum size of 3 people, we had to leave out a couple of cofounders from the programme, which wasn't the easiest decision. Since YSE's criteria for the team is the diversity as well as competency of the team, we have decided to include the CEO, CMO & CTO in the team as our product is primarily a technical platform and since we are creating a movement, marketing will play an extremely big role.

Regards to the timeline and plan for the following 3 months, we came to a consensus on the plan attached to this post. After coming up with the timeline on paper, we came to a realisation of how short of a timeline we have to set up everything for our initial launch in early January. However, we are up for the challenge and will make sure everything runs as planned.

Well, time to get started on building a movement. Till next time!
Lakhotia Suyash,
7 Nov 2015, 08:42