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First Steps Forward

posted 22 Oct 2015, 00:00 by Bobby Ranjan   [ updated 7 Nov 2015, 08:44 by Lakhotia Suyash ]
The past 3 weeks have been tremendously long for most of us. Right from working on the idea, developing strategies to get our feasibility analysis done to actually writing the business plan on paper, we've been working hard. It's hard to believe we thought of our idea somewhere in mid-August.

We're implementing a platform to bridge the gap between exchange students and local students at NTU. In our platform, this is achieved by allowing local students to put up trips, and exchange students can then take part in these trips. This solves two ongoing problems on both segments, it allows exchange students to experience the local culture in Singapore, while also allowing local students meet new people from different backgrounds.

So we had our idea, but we needed different views on it to mitigate any basic issues we might face with this idea. We arranged a meeting with Mr.Chia through NTC's free consultation sessions, got his opinions, worked on them a little and had a couple of meetings before the start of the ET9135 course. Now was the time to get our feasibility study started. We immediately made a survey form and circulated it through facebook groups to get our feasibility study underway.

Within no time, the second session of classes came along. This is when there was a major change in our team's structure. We started off as a team of 4, and now was the time to add in the 5th member - Ernest. Over the course of the next week, we had several meetings, completed our feasibility study through both surveys and a mock trip, and getting our preparation for the business plan underway.

During the following week, we came up with details of our business model, operation plans and marketing plans and compiled all of this together to formulate our business plan.

Well, after all that effort, we hope our business plan presentation goes good. The team atmosphere and spirit is really great now and hopefully this continues. Wishing us the best of luck in our project. Subscribe to our blogs and stay tuned for more updates!