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Business Showcase

posted 8 Mar 2016, 22:33 by Nikhil Venkatesh
Well.. it was time for us to focus on the mod requirements for a bit as the business showcase approached. And hence, for the past three four days we've been working on our presentation and content for the Business Showcase. We've brought about this concept of a Project Global Citizen which we will be talking about at our presentation today. Project Global Citizen is our initiative to break down cultural barriers throughout the world through our website. The concept is themed as follows - Imagine a world where you can go to 30 different countries and have friends there to show you around. This begins with a exchange of culture and tradition in one place. 

More importantly, we're also going to talk about the lessons we've learnt through the course of these 4 months and what we're probably going to face in the future.
  1. Whatever timeline we made, it didn't matter. Because at the end of the day, we are student entrepreneurs doing this for part time. Any person engaging in a startup while in university has to understand that they don't have 24 hours in a day to work. They have more like 6 hours in a week.
  2. Never underestimate the time that external factors are going to take. This point is of huge significance in our venture particularly because we've been fighting it out with ACRA to set up our company for the past month. Usually this takes about 20 minutes to set up. 
  3. We had fluctuating motivation levels throughout our venture and this is the case with our sister ventures in this MiE course. Not everyone in the team will have the same motivation level throughout the course of your time.
But all that being said, these were just lessons we learnt through these 4 months. Our venture is not over yet. We plan to continue our social movement into the future. So keep a weary eye for us as we take NTU exchange stories to a whole new level. At this point I'd like to mention a quote from Yoda that has kept us going for this long and will keep us motivated in the future. 

"Do or Do not, There is no Try"