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The Myth of a Protected Silo

posted 19 Feb 2016, 01:03 by Lakhotia Suyash
Back for my fortnightly update.

Something that has become quite evident the past couple weeks is that it is nearly impossible to work in a silo, protected from all external factors. The reality is that pretending the outside world doesn't exist and minimising buffers will always end up firing back.

During the CNY weekend, I injured my wrist badly and wasn't able to move it properly for a week. Considering I need both my hands to code efficiently, this was a massive blow. In addition to that, just a few days after, my computer completely crashed and after spending two days at the Apple Store, it was clear I had no choice but to get a new one. This meant spending another two days setting up this new laptop (with one working hand) and recovering all my data (including important TripBuddy files). And to top it off, all my academic deadlines & quizzes got set to Launch Week i.e. this week. Sigh.

While these are not excuses for my drop in efficiency, they are reasons the team has kindly acknowledged. However, now that everything is sorted, it's time to go full speed ahead. Nikhil & I are meeting later tonight to further work on the beta (that's currently live on before he flies home for the next two weeks. We're still waiting on the deliverables from the other team members before we publicly launch the platform to our main domain -

In other news, the legal set-up of the company has been delayed due to ACRA facing some technical issues. Ben is looking into it and will keep us updated on the situation. We're also looking at whether or not we can publicly launch & accept payments before being legally set-up as a company.

That's all for now. Later.