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The Blog Comes To An End

posted 10 Mar 2016, 05:09 by Lakhotia Suyash   [ updated 11 Mar 2016, 02:25 ]
The MiE Business Showcase ended exactly 24 hours ago and it was an inspiring few hours where we learnt about all our peers' successes & failures throughout their respective entrepreneurial ventures. It was interesting to see the common problems we all faced as well as the unique hurdles the different ventures had to overcome. Overall, it was a great evening that ended in a lot of photos with everyone trying to capture the end of a great journey.

The team w/ Mr. Roderick Chia

The team w/ Mr. Adrian Chye

With that being said, this is definitely not the end for TripBuddy. The team has decided to continue with the venture even after the end of this module and we hope to launch by this summer. However, with our access to the blog being restricted tomorrow, this is going to be my last blog post here. Till next time!

P.S. For the future batches of ET 9135 - remember three very important things:
  1. Find a great team. You can overcome anything with a team that is capable and cohesive.
  2. What can go wrong will go wrong. Prepare for all (and I mean ALL) the different possible outcomes.
  3. Yes, it happens to everyone. Whatever you're going through right now as part of your entrepreneurial journey has probably happened to everyone else. You'll get through it. Don't give up!