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The Alpha Product

posted 25 Dec 2015, 05:48 by Nikhil Venkatesh
The past two and a half weeks have just been code, code and code. In order to get the site up and running we've had to put in a lot of effort from the tech side. We have our alpha product up and running now and it is going through a series of test runs. We've made our own team members(who were not part of the tech team), test it out, and give suggestions to us. Ernest gave us some valuable inputs for redesigning the site. Overall we're quite happy with the look and feel of the current product. There are a few bugs that have to be weeded out before deployment. I will update once we have a prototype up and running on the world wide web.

On another note, we're making ready the legal documents for registering our company. We have a few catches there, as three of our members are international students including me, making only Ben and Ernest suitable for applying. Overall, things are going quite smoothly at TripBuddySG now. We hope to launch before the start of sem, thus inviting the new-coming exchange folks onto the platform.

Will keep you guys updated from the dev side when we have more progress. Till then, see you!