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Initial Steps Forward

posted 9 Nov 2015, 01:06 by Nikhil Venkatesh
A lot has happened since the business plan presentation. We attended the Young Social Entrepreneurs talk in NTC. The idea of a social enterprise is something that we intended to do from the very beginning and this was the perfect opportunity for us. Hence, we attended the one hour talk. The YSE programme offers us several benefits in addition to the 20000 dollars that we stand to win. What struck me most was the international exposure it gives us and also mentor-ship provided. We decided to take part in the competition for the benefits it offered.

We have also completed our two offline trips over the past weekend. The offline trips were used to test the nature of exchange students and their responses to different approaches for the trip. We found that they find it better to pay ahead of time and then enjoy the trip than to pay it off later.

For the tech development, we came up with the detailed timeline from now till the end of December as to what to do at each step. Things should hopefully go well. Till next time!