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Hello World

posted 23 Oct 2015, 02:50 by Nikhil Venkatesh
Well, being the CTO I'm allowed my fair share of lame geeky jokes and hence the title of this blog post. For me, personally it's hard to believe where we are right now. We've gone from ideation to planning. We've got a detailed a marketing plan down and an entire operations plan down for the next year.

Our team is really spirited. The team meetings are interactive and contributions are present from all teammates equally. As part of the team, we've managed to host a cool mock trip for random people which will be discussed later on. The first steps on my part were to first assist everyone with the making of our business plan and blog site. 

The development of our website is going to be fun for me being a computer engineer and vital to our business. So lets see how things go with the dev. Tomorrow's our first business plan presentation and things are on track and should be good. See you next time!