About Us

Who are we?

We are TripBuddy, an online start-up aimed at bridging the gap between local students and exchange students at universities in Singapore. We do this in an attempt to provide exchange students with the true experience they have travelled across oceans for and allow local students to increase their personal & professional network at a global scale without ever leaving the island. This blog is part of the Minor in Entrepreneurship at NTU through which this idea was conceived and the team was formed. You can find our actual website here.

Our Team

Suyash Lakhotia
Chief Executive Officer 

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) Computer Science

- In-charge of overlooking overall plan execution
In-charge of overlooking deliverance of various team members
- Responsible for leading the company’s development 
- Overall execution of long term plans and objectives
- Responsible for the company’s day to day management decisions

Ernest Chan
Chief Marketing Officer

Bachelor of Communication Studies (Major in Advertising and Public Relations)

- Responsible for overall design & brand image
- Development of effective marketing strategies for short term and long term
- Responsible for conducting regular market and industry research

Benjamin Ho
Chief Operations Officer

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Economics

- In-charge for all day-to-day activities of the company 
- In-charge of setting up of meeting, both internal and external
- Responsible for providing customer support

Bobby Ranjan
Chief Financial Officer

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) Computer Engineering

- In-charge of recording all company expenses
- In-charge of producing monthly/annual financial reports
- Responsible for any unaccounted loss of money

Nikhil Venkatesh
Chief Technology Officer

Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) Computer Engineering

- In-charge of development and maintenance of the online platform
- Responsible for any technical glitches on the website
- Point of Contact for COO to relay technical complaints