Executive Summary

What We Are

TripBuddy intends to create a platform that allows local students to put up trips/events for exchange students to join. By doing this, we solve the current problem in a two-pronged approach. Firstly, we allow exchange students the opportunity to mingle with the local community while gaining an authentic, local experience by going to places that are frequented by locals and not identified on Singaporean tourist maps like heartland hawker centers. Secondly, we give local students an easy opportunity to expand their network globally without leaving the island, while earning a bit of extra pocket money as well.

Our Market Position

We have identified a market gap that no company in Singapore is trying to fill. This gives us the first mover advantage, with no direct competitors. While we have a few indirect competitors in the national and international markets, we strongly believe that our unique selling points will allow us to create an untapped blue ocean that we can easily conquer in a sustainable manner. With this, we also understand the issues with moving into an untapped market, and the risk of a lack of brand awareness and understanding. We aim to tackle this with highly customized tactics that will appeal to our target segment.


In order to effectively execute the plan that we have for our company, we have conceived a detailed operations plan to guide us through the timeline that we have set. We have five distinct phases in our operations plan to carefully and effectively execute the vision that we have for our company – Development, Market Penetration, Sustained Growth, Expansion and Advancement.

At our core, we believe that we stand for a social movement, and are driven by a platform aimed at redefining networking forever.