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The Doors of New Beginnings

posted 3 Nov 2015, 18:20 by Kin Onn Ernest Chan

On Friday, my team and I went down for the talk. In the beginning, we were there with the intention of finding out how we would be able to get the social grant of 20,000 to ensure that we keep the business running. To our surprise, it was more than we bargained for. 

The Social Business

 The idea of a social enterprise has always been appealing to me. But listening to the other projects that was presented, along with their business models. The power of the doing something for the benefit of others is a very fulfilling process in my opinion, and I am glad that my group feels the same way as well. Looking into this further, there are many things that can be done, so it is understandable that the organisations are looking at the most impactful campaign at the least costs.

Looking at it further, we would like to maybe further add on a social angle to our core business. This can help us along in the competition for the grant and also presses us to think about a better way to relook at our business. 

Signing up for this would allow us to get exposure to other teams and people that see eye to eye with us on erecting social enterprises. During the course of the grants, they will also giving us the opportunity to fly to other countries as part of the learning journey.

These are the top 3 reasons why we believe that we should do this.

  1. SGD 20,000 grants
  2. International competition, exposure to other internationals minds
  3. Mentors in the industries