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Project Global Citizen

posted 7 Mar 2016, 02:43 by Kin Onn Ernest Chan

This project has lead to some very interesting conversations, this has erected many interesting variations the defies the conventional strategies employed by similar business models. 

Project citizen is a marketing objective, we believe that the name speaks for itself. Think about it this way, Tripbuddy our website is the vehicle and the goal here is to make everyone a global citizen. Think about what global citizen even means to you, this means that we will have the opportunity to mingle with people from all around the world. Try sitting at a table with people all around the world, complete strangers but all eager to listen and share. The type of stories that can potentially unfold in that three hours could make a lifelong story. 

We believe that with the employment of Project global citizen, we will be individually able to travel across the world backpacking meeting people from all around the world. Imagine having a friend in almost every country in the world. Or even the opportunity to meet new people and friends.

This for me is the most inspiring part of the whole entrepreneurship journey, it is knowing the group of kids from different specialisations can sit down and make a idea a reality. The beauty of Tripbuddy is that if it works, we have essentially changed the fabric of a social norm and not only our own realities.

Using the online platform to facilitate offline relationships. Tripbuddy.

The Process of PAIN

posted 7 Mar 2016, 02:01 by Kin Onn Ernest Chan

This process for me has been a thrilling yet painful one, the process of getting here was a lot of think about what our aims and dreams for the project would be. The problem with most startups like this is that everyone does not have a clear channeled vision of the end product. We only see and feel what is right and wrong. 

This brings about a different problem altogether, at what point do we actually release the product? At what stage will our product be before release. The fear here is that you are a good idea that fails to sell itself.

Exchange your world

posted 11 Nov 2015, 12:51 by Kin Onn Ernest Chan

We did it again. Another epic night this time we spent dinner and drinks with people from Spain, Mexico, Australia and Finland. 

My Reflection
It is funny how people have there differences but innately want pretty much the same thing. A happy family and a peaceful world. But with that said, there is just so much to learn from people in different realities. Talking to a guy about Donald Thump to a Mexican can get pretty hilarious. OR even how things are like in their country. What are families like there? What is a real local dish? 

There is yet to see where this journey take us but we remain hopeful.

The Doors of New Beginnings

posted 3 Nov 2015, 18:20 by Kin Onn Ernest Chan

On Friday, my team and I went down for the talk. In the beginning, we were there with the intention of finding out how we would be able to get the social grant of 20,000 to ensure that we keep the business running. To our surprise, it was more than we bargained for. 

The Social Business

 The idea of a social enterprise has always been appealing to me. But listening to the other projects that was presented, along with their business models. The power of the doing something for the benefit of others is a very fulfilling process in my opinion, and I am glad that my group feels the same way as well. Looking into this further, there are many things that can be done, so it is understandable that the organisations are looking at the most impactful campaign at the least costs.

Looking at it further, we would like to maybe further add on a social angle to our core business. This can help us along in the competition for the grant and also presses us to think about a better way to relook at our business. 

Signing up for this would allow us to get exposure to other teams and people that see eye to eye with us on erecting social enterprises. During the course of the grants, they will also giving us the opportunity to fly to other countries as part of the learning journey.

These are the top 3 reasons why we believe that we should do this.

  1. SGD 20,000 grants
  2. International competition, exposure to other internationals minds
  3. Mentors in the industries

The Journey Begins

posted 26 Oct 2015, 22:25 by Kin Onn Ernest Chan   [ updated 3 Nov 2015, 18:05 ]

Within the last couple of months, I believe that I have learn lessons that has been difficult but vital. With this I am happy to say that I am passionate about this new idea and the benefits that it will potentially bring to our environment at large.  

The last two weeks have been a mad rush for trip, when i joined the team, there were many things that were still left unknown. In fact, we were unsure if this was a project that we would use for our MiE journey. Putting to together our presentation, it was important to me that the value of the project was there. The truth is that we were actually pioneering a movement more than anything, we are just merely supported by a platform. As a exciting new project, this is a venture that is about making an impact, not about making money in the foreseeable future. This is what I love about what we are doing here, we are not just about the money. 

“You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.” - Steve Jobs

With this, I would like to share three lessons that I have leant within this time period that a believe it vital for future decisions.

1) There is a "right" way to do everything.
We are essentially navigating through the darkness of the entrepreneur journey with a mere candle. Money being a motivator, cannot allow you to take shortcuts. The way I see it, doing it with value, integrity and principle is more important than the outcome. Because in the long run, one might be rich but empty inside.

2) Do what you love.
Passion drives action, and this is what is primary motivation as well. Looking at what trip buddy does I was inspired by their commitment to solving a problem. 

3) It is not what you say, it is how you say it.
At the beginning of the trip buddy, I'll be honest with you and say that their initial model did not work. But I sooner realised that it was an unpolished gem. It was not what they were trying to sell, it was how they were selling it. tackling this problem was the most exciting process that the team felt that we managed to settle. 

Moving forward, we are looking more and for some grants to support our platform. We are going down this Friday for an information session for a possible contest that we can join to acquire a grant. 

Details of the events are attached bellow.

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