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Marketing Strategy

SWOT Analysis
Porter's 5 Forces

7 P's Analysis

The tangible product that we're providing is our platform and the platform itself will be based on the following criteria.
  1. Functionality & Appearance
  2. Branding
  3. Service
  4. Support
We will be using a cost plus strategy determined by our algorithm for the project. There will be a markup of 6.5% to the cost of the trip as part of the guide fees and admin fees.

Our business model includes directly selling to our customers. We will be employing a pull strategy after our initial phase to attract potential customers to our service.

  1. Advertising: Marketing messages in schools and halls of residences.
  2. Special Offers: Discounts for first time users of our platform
  3. Direct Mailing: Through OGEM and hall of residences.
The core group of early adopter trip hosts (locals) will be established and the feedback provided by exchange students in our group will be used to improve the platform to a much better extent.

  1. TripCreators
    • Login using Facebook.
    • Video to explain the process.
    • Create an event.
    • Track number of exchange students coming.
    • Host the event.
    • Push out post-event survey link.
    • Receive rating & reviews.
    • Receive payment.
  1. TripParticipants
    • Login using Facebook.
    • Video to explain the process.
    • Look for events to participate in or request for events.
    • Register for event & make payment online.
    • Participate in event.
    • Receive post-event survey link.
    • Give rating & review for local host & event.
    • See post-event video.

Advertisement for Locals

Advertisement for Exchange Students

Promotional Video