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Background & Research


In today’s well connected and highly globalized world, interaction between individuals and groups from vastly different backgrounds & cultures has become extremely commonplace. In an attempt to learn more about different cultures and gain international exposure at a relatively early age, many students across the world participate in student exchange programs, spending a semester or two in another university, usually in another country. However, exchange students who come to NTU face a very real problem – they are unable to make friends in the local student community (see Research).

This is a real problem because the rationale behind students going on exchange is to experience a new culture, develop a second family and accelerate their personal development. However, if they are unable to mix with the local community, they cannot find an effective avenue to fulfil any of those requirements. Because of this, many exchange students that we talked to regarded Singapore as just a “hub” to hop to “friendlier” or “more cultural” destinations in and around Southeast Asia. This perception of Singapore is definitely not healthy in the long run as exchange students wouldn’t want to return to Singapore for personal and/or professional reasons if they perceive the country to be unwelcoming.

At the same time, this disparity between exchange students and local students also negatively affects NTU students as they miss out on a rare opportunity to easily gain an international perspective and expand their network on a global scale, something that can prove to be very useful in the long run.


In order to determine whether our business idea was feasible, we conducted surveys online & offline on both sides of our target market, local students as well as exchange students. We had a total of 40 local student responses & 46 exchange student responses. Below are some relevant results from our survey:

Exchange Students:

Local Students:


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