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#Blog 1 - In the making

posted 23 Oct 2015, 20:50 by Zhe Loong Benjamin Ho   [ updated 23 Oct 2015, 22:01 ]
"Wherever we are, it is our friends that make our world."  -Henry Drummond.
If we are travelling abroad or on exchange for semesters, without making local friends we will never know how differently we see the world as compared from the eyes of the locals.

#Blog 1 - In the making...

The team initially comprises of 4 members - Bobby, Suyash, Nikhil and myself. The idea formulated after the end of ET9134.

14 August: 
- We first met up to storm over the idea of tripbuddy. 
        /We felt that the idea is viable but we have to be clear with our intention and goals of the business. 
- We laid out the timeline for the company
        /We aim to have the business plan ready for check before the 1st day of official lesson.
- We begun the division of work and feasibility check 
- Brainstorm of the company's name and logo.
         /I had initiated the brainstorm such as 'WeMonkey', 'TripPal', etc. The name would have to imply Authentic, Mix, Local, Bonding, Social, Experience, Adventure, Happy, Active, Lifestyle, Exposure. 

19 August: 
- We began planning of the feasibility report and our approach 
- We finalised our company name to trip buddy 
- We finalised our vision and mission statements 
- We did myers briggs test to undertand our personality mix better
- Researched in transactional fees and how to set up a company

9 September: 
As the date of our first official lesson for ET9135 as a team:
- We continue our pricing check and competition research
- We refocus our efforts to the short term target of having our business idea assessed externally

15 September:
- We finalised our market survey
- Deciding on the URL (.com or .sg) 
- Decide on the strategy to distribute the survey (online and offline medium)
- Speak to Ogems for assistance with the distribution of the surveys

3 October:
We have an additional member who will be able to help with our marketing area of the company - Ernest.
- Reassessed our idea and firm up our decision to continue on this venture.
- Survey questions finalised and ready for desemination

13 October:
Full force out for the business plan, market trail and presentation for the blog.
- We focus where our current skillsets fit us best. 
- I was overlooking the operations of the company and projected it up to 3 years.
- We conducted a test run for the market and gather personalised feedback

20 - 24 October:
- We sat down together to finalise and presented or parts to each other to ensure the common understanding of the company.
- I allocated the resources of the company
- I projected the operations and forecasted for the company to 3 years.
- We completed the business plan and blog, ready for the pitch.