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#Blog 4 - "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." -Confucius

posted 14 Dec 2015, 05:38 by Zhe Loong Benjamin Ho   [ updated 14 Dec 2015, 05:39 ]
14th December    

We had a consultation with our instructors with regards to our progress which would be outlined in our team blog. 

As the COO, with regards to the future tasks i have planned to take action of which one would be to create a standard operating procedure for the company. On top of that, i would have templates for our platform users to allow them to have an easier task at planning. This would include the necessary planning procedure and interaction technique with the exchange students.

This would be the task i would uptake. This month is a quiet month as most exchange had left either for their home country or travelling around Borneo.